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Terms & Conditions

ordering & payment
E-mail info@paperbaristas.com to create a wholesale account and be added to our wholesale newsletter.  We conveniently offer ordering online through Faire, 24/7. 
$75 minimum for opening orders

$50 minimum for reorders
Minimum of 4 per sku for individual cards
Minimum of 3 per sku for all other items

If you have any questions on your order, please e-mail us at info@paperbaristas.com.  All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment if purchasing directly from our shop. Please note that Faire offers Net 60 terms if you need some time to pay your order . If you would prefer to order through us directly, we can easily send a square invoice for secure cc payment online. Please be aware that all late payments incur a late fee of 10% per month.

prices & pack quantities
All prices are listed in US dollars, and are subject to change without notice. Existing customers will be notified of any changes in pricing prior to their order being shipped.

turnaround time
Our typical turnaround is 5-10 business days, however turnaround times vary during trade show season. Please contact us directly regarding your delivery date.

All shipping costs are charged at the time of shipment, and will be included on your final invoice. Should you wish for us to ship using your existing UPS or FedEx account, the account details must be provided with your Purchase Order. For international accounts, all shipping fees and import/export costs are to be covered by the retailer, and are not included in the ship costs. Paper Baristas is not responsible for any carrier delays.

cancellations, returns & exchanges
We ask that any cancellations or changes to your order be submitted by e-mail or phone within 24 hours of when your order has been placed. Incorrectly shipped merchandise or returns must be reported by e-mail within 7 days of receipt. All merchandise must be returned unopened, unused and in its original packaging. Please contact us before returning any items.

back orders

Certain products may occasionally be out of stock. You will be notified if any items you have ordered are back-ordered and, if directed, we will proceed to ship all items in stock from your order. Once an item is back in stock, we will ship it immediately. 

All of our products must be displayed and sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets may not be broken up and sold individually. If barcodes are a requirement for your store, please mention this in your order so we can work on creating those barcodes for you.
online retailers
We are currently limiting the number of online-only retailers we work with. If you are selling online, credit to Paper Baristas must be given in the product description, and suggested retail prices must be observed. Resale of Paper Baristas products on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or other similar platforms is not permitted.

Retailers are granted access to our library of high resolution images so they can promote Paper Baristas products in their shops. Please note that all photography provided may only be used to market Paper Baristas products. "Created by Paper Baristas" must also be included in the product description, and we ask that you tag @Paper Baristas when using our images on social media.
map pricing
Our suggested retail prices are based on experience and customer feedback. In order to preserve the brand value, items may not be advertised (online or in print) for less than 25% the suggested retail.
If you will be seeking national or online press for your store using our products, please let us know. Likewise, if you receive press for your store using our products we ask that you please credit “Paper Baristas” for the items used and inform us of the following:- Name of media outlet
- Publication date
- Web address (if applicable)

product specs
Our products are ethically sourced and printed.  It is of great importance that all of our products are free of modern day slavery.  Our paper is also sustainable for the environment using recycled garments from thrown away fabrics in the garment industry.  We use non-acid inks so that our products are easily recycled.
Retailers must agree to our wholesale terms, and we respectfully reserve the right to terminate any wholesale accounts that are not in compliance. By placing a wholesale order with us, either by e-mail or through Faire, you confirm that you have reviewed and agreed to the above wholesale terms and conditions.
questions or concerns?
E-mail us at info@paperbaristas.com