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At Paper Baristas, we create beautiful paper goods for the greater good.

We know that taking care of the earth and the people in it matter to you. It matters to us. That’s why in 2019 Paper Baristas, set out to create beautiful paper goods with a clear mission: Leave this earth better than its current state - environmentally, culturally and spiritually.

We’re built on community and connection - and will keep on brewing and blending and striving for a better world, forever.

Sustainability for People + Paper

Sustainability means a lot of things to alot of people.

For us, it means taking care of the environment and the people in it. Our daily mission is to create paper products you can’t live without, while prioritizing sustainability in every way—from sustainable living wages to the upcycled cotton we use to make our paper.


Our handmade paper is
made by using cotton rag waste from the garment industry. Instead of letting the waste go to landfills we recycle the cotton rags into handmade paper.


Our paper is made from recycled and up-cycled material making it entirely wood-free making it one of the most eco-friendly paper around. Wood free paper also secures that our supply chain is free of forced labor.


Our pollution-free paper making methods include sheets that are sun-dried, conserving energy usage, and chemical free, protecting our waterways.

A gift to nature

Handmade paper seems to be a gift to nature when it comes to eco-friendliness! No trees are cut, no energy is wasted and only natural materials are used.

Therefore handmade paper reduces pollution, saves natural resources, and contributes to a much healthier and more sustainable ecosystem.

How We Got Here...

Jon Marc was attending grad school when Christy began dreaming of owning a business that allowed her to stay home with her kids and make a difference. Christy was a victim of sexual abuse as a child was determined her entire life to not only protect her own children, but countless other helpless victims. What started off as simply giving back to fight human trafficking has evolved into employing victims and helping them gain the life they have always dreamed of.